Airpura HepaBarrier Filter Replacement Filter -CLOTH ONLY

Airpura HepaBarrier Filter Replacement Filter -CLOTH ONLY

Airpura Industries
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Airpura Replacement HepaBarrier Cloth Only Compatible with C600, F600 DLX and T600
The Airpura HEPA Barrier Filter is designed to capture up to 99.97% particles and dust after the carbon bed. Airpura Replacement HepaBarrier Filter is for the C600, F600 DLX Airborne Chemicals Air Purifier and T600 Tobacco Smoke Air Purifier. Airpura HepaBarrier wraps around the main carbon filter.

Airpura HepaBarrier Cloth Filter works to eliminate carbon dust and particles.

We recommend changing this filter every two to five years, whenever the carbon filter is replaced. For private home use, change intervals will usually be less frequent.

Cloth Only.

Fits Airpura models: C600, C600 DLX, F600 DLX, T600 and T600 DLX