Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner
Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner
Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner
Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner
Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner
Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner
Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner
Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner
Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner
Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner Accessories

Pronto 100CH Handheld Steam Cleaner

Reliable Corp.
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The powerful and portable Reliable Pronto 100CH Steamer, formerly the Pronto P7, sanitizes surfaces and steams garments with ease. This portable, powerful, and efficient handheld steamer makes it easy to clean hard to reach surfaces without wrist strain. The Reliable Pronto 100CH is the safe and comfortable way to clean, sanitize, and freshen fabrics without harsh chemicals. Natural steam deodorizes and sanitizes with only heat and moisture. Since the only ingredient required for the Pronto 100CH is water, cleaning your home or workplace has never been safer, healthier, or more environmentally friendly.fective Cleaning Accessories

Designed to help you clean and disinfect, the Reliable Pronto 100CH Steamer is effective because of the extensive cleaning accessories that accompany the steamer. Some of the effective attachments and tools include:

  • Steam Gun for Total Control - Direct steam exactly where you want with this comfortable and easy-to-use accessory.
  • Powerful Fabric Steamer - Pressurized steam makes quick work of removing wrinkles, and because the Pronto has a 19.5-foot electrical cord, it also makes the perfect drapery steamer.
  • Nylon and Brass Brushes - From tiles to barbecue grills, the Pronto's nylon and brass brushes will clean the tough jobs that soft materials simply can't do.
  • Window Cleaner - Snap the squeegee into place and it turns the Pronto into a compact and powerful window cleaner.

Comfort Safety System

Safety is always an utmost concern, and Reliable has tailored the Pronto with the patented Comfort Safety System. The Comfort Safety System allows for safe operation of the water tank, allowing it to be opened and closed automatically and without a screw cap. You are always protected, and the steamer is completely easy and safe to use.

Working with Steam + Pressure

The Pronto steam cleaner combines steam with pressure, allowing you more cleaning and steaming control. The precise, high-pressure nozzle is great for getting the grit out of corners, off grates, around faucets, and more for a superior clean. Additionally, the fabric steamer performs even better with steam pressure that quickly infuses your clothing to remove wrinkles but is delicate with any fabric. Further, you can direct the steam into the exact spot you need it with the easy to hold, ergonomic handle, allowing for greater control.


Tackle a clean home or steam your clothing with the Reliable Pronto 100 CH Steamer. Designed for tackling cleaning jobs that require precision and for steaming wrinkles out of clothing, this little steamer features attachments, tools, and a Comfort Safety System for better performance and satisfaction.

What Customers Love

  • Pressurized Steam - Defeat stuck on grease and grime or easily remove wrinkles from delicate fabric with the pressurized steam.

Things to Consider 

  • Handheld - The Reliable Pronto is a handheld device and is not for bigger cleaning jobs. Consider the Reliable Steamboy Pro 300CU Steam Floor Mop if you want clean, sanitized hardwoods.


Power Requirements 110V / 120V
Power Consumption 1200 Watts
Electrical Approved cETLus
Water Capacity 1.25 cups (300cc)
Pressure (PSI/Bar) 58- 4 bar
Tip Temperature 245°F / 118°C
Steam Ready 2 minutes
Steam Continuous 15 minutes
Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 X 7.25 X 12.5
Country of Origin China
Warranty Limited 1 year, lifetime tank from Reliable Corporation