Airpura Carbon Regular 3 inch

Airpura Carbon Regular 3 inch

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Airpura Carbon Regular 3"

Ideal for:

  • Homes/workplaces in proximity to industries that release chemicals from their manufacturing processes
  • Families who want clean and healthy air at home.
  • Places with poor outdoor air quality.

Why this Air Purifier is considered #1:

Powerful 26-lb activated 100% coconut shell carbon filter absorbs most harmful, airborne chemicals and pollutants. 

360° air distribution allows for purification for up to 2000 sq. ft with 2 air exchanges an hour (based on 8-foot ceilings).

Sleek machine design that will blend in with all decors. Easy care and maintenance.

Filter should be replaced every two to five years.

Fits Airpura Models: C600, T600